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SA Scotland is happy to showcase our long awaited new website. The new site includes more information and resources, also there are opportunities to share your experiences with social anxiety on the upgraded forum. We have added a Twitter and Blog page so feel free to comment.I hope our members will enjoy the new website and please check the website forum and blog for updates and latest news. If there is anything you would like featured on the website or if you would like to contribute a personal story or book review, email us at the address at the top of this page.Thanks.

Why join us?

If like many people you have been battling with your problems alone, joining SA Scotland will help towards breaking down the isolation that you may have been experiencing with suffering from social anxiety. All members will be able to access the forum and chatroom for free. SA Scotland was closed in 2009, however the site is back with 100% commitment and we hope that members new and old will join.